Your friendly neighbourhood printer wants to tell you how lovely you are

Hello there! If you’ve ever required a spot of printing, you know that you have options. Just a quick Google will bring up more printers than you can fan a Pantone book at.

So, who do you choose and why? Do you make a list and grab quotes from the first 5 you see on the internet, or do you take a chance with that weird, little place around the corner? You know, the one about 3 blocks away, in the back street, with the mess behind the counter?

Surely that place has a geographic convenience, but  wouldn’t you be missing out on all the good deals online by going with them? To help you out of your quandary, I have compiled a list of all the reasons why your neighbourhood printer is a certified bevy of good times and sexy print results.

colour paper

1) They’ll give you more choice
Sure, their quote may be a little higher. But this is because they’re not going to print your job on a plate with 6 others, so you’ll have way more choice when it comes to paper types, ink colours, and print finishes. And because they’re only printing one job at a time you’ll be the prime focus of their attention. Because you’re special, damn it. If your job isn’t perfect everyone will notice, tempers will be tested, battles will be fought and victory will be won. All before you’ve even managed the walk back to the office.

2) They can help you out of your ignorance
Chances are you know sod all about printing. You might be able to change an ink cartridge and insert a ream of A4 paper, but frankly any polydactyl cat with opposable thumbs should be able to manage that. Stop showing off. Sometimes you just need to be told “That artwork won’t work” or “That’s the wrong size for this kind of thing” or “PMS 280 just won’t bring out that glorious colour of your eyes in the same way as PMS 288, and you’ll end up looking like a streetwalker.” All useful information to be gained when you befriend your local printer.

PMS blues

3) They’re easy on the eye
Everyone knows that stupidly good looking people are drawn to work in the print industry. In fact, most people with failed careers in the print industry usually have to scrape by doing something soulless, like supermodeling, or being “good looking person number 3” in the middle of the music video. And we all saw that episode of Friends where the hot girl in the copy shop ruined Ross and Rachel’s fairytale romance. A visit to your neighbourhood print shop is a chance feast your eyes upon someone glorious, and maybe even destroy your close, personal relationships. Hey, it all worked out for Ross and Rachel!

4) You can be a total nosey parker
Not sure about what you’re ordering? You can ask to see samples of previous work. Not sure if you’ve picked the right colour? You can stand right there next to the machine while it’s being printed and demand subtle changes. Not sure what paper to choose? You can request samples of 12 different paper types and show them to all of your friends, family and casual acquaintances. You can even reach previously unreachable deadlines because their turnaround is just so darned “Usain Bolt” in its capacity to be speedy.


5) They’ll get to know you
Because they took so much care with your last print job, they’ll remember it next time, and even keep samples on hand. So the colours on your next job will be identical to the colours on your last job. They’ll get to know the nature of your business, the cut of your jib and the lay of your land. When they come across a great new marketing idea that would be a perfect fit for your business they’ll tell you. When they over order stock and need to get rid of it quickly by offering cheap printing they’ll call you. When they see you bragging on Twitter they’ll retweet you. Why? Because, just like your own personal episode of Cheers, they’ll bloody well know your name!

There ya go, 5 reasons why you should give your local printer a chance. Let’s end this with a pic of a kitten, just to keep the warm fuzzies going a little longer.



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