London is my Valentine

Sometimes over the Summer months we get bored. Everyone has gone away on holiday, and sitting in an office full of machinery and printing can leave you hot and sticky in all the wrong places. So we threw the creative one out onto the streets and told him to come back with something pretty. And so PIP PIX was born. We ended up with thousands of beautiful photographs, starting with Mayfair and Marylebone but gradually we managed to cover most of Westminster and even some other corners of London.

With so many gorgeous photos, it would be a shame not to use them. Being the generous creatures we are, we stuck them all up on our Flickr account. They’re totally free for anyone to use when they indulge in some print or marketing with PIP Mayfair or Marylebone. So I’ve decided to put together a collection of my top ten PIP PIX. I’ll probably have a new top ten by next week, but at the moment these are really floating my boat.

1) A whole heap of beautiful over Westminster


What’s not to love about this? Clouds, sky, water, big circular tourist attraction. All the good stuff.

2) Sunrise with classy vapour trail additions


I’ve made an editorial decision here and deemed this to be a sunrise rather than a sunset. Because it’s my blog and I’m entitled to a crazy power trip every now and again.

3) This is a very clean lamp shade


There’s a reflection, a clock, a red car. Truly something for everyone.

4) A pigeon contemplates life on the street


They may be flying rats, but they’re still part of London. And they’ve probably got more personality than the guy sitting next to you on the tube reading yesterday’s newspaper and wearing headphones that aren’t actually playing anything.

5) St Paul’s Cathedral and a big red bus


Big red bus. St Paul’s Cathedral. The River Thames. Big ugly crane poking its nose in. That’s London in a nutshell.

6) It’s a Quadriga!


A close up of the quadriga atop Wellington Arch. In case you’re wondering, it’s the Angel of Peace descending upon the Chariot of War. The kid driving the Chariot of War is the son of the guy who funded the statue. Make of that what you will.

7) Chinatown, baby!


Who doesn’t feel happy when looking at this wee fella? He’s got a disco ball for an eye, for crying out loud. He’s made for good times.

8) Golden angels looking down on Marylebone


I’m not sure why these chicks are scratching their heads, but they look great in the sunshine.

9) The Changing of the Guard


Men in furry hats surrounded by piles of tourists armed with snappy little point and shoot cameras. Doesn’t anyone look at anything with just their eyes anymore?

10) Skimming stones on the Thames


This isn’t as in your face bright and colourful as my other top picks, but still darkly beautiful.

I might keep this up, and choose another top ten every so often, whenever the need presents itself. There are seriously thousands of these pics, go and have a browse.


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