This business card is flippin’ amazing

A few weeks ago this specimen of print artistry ended up on my desk:

ovenden funflip

Originally from Ovenden Papers to announce their change of address, this wee beauty soon became a fixation in the PIP office. Sure, it wasn’t the most beautifully designed card we’d ever seen, wasn’t the sparkliest, didn’t have all the bells and whistles as far as print effects go (no embossing, foiling, microchipping, doesn’t sing you a song or help you make the tea). Heck, it wasn’t even on the top 57 most impressive paper stocks we’d ever seen. So why is it so addictive? Because it’s interactive. You fold it around over and over again and for some reason you never tire of the news that Ovendens is moving to a new office. Well, I didn’t, but evidently, I’m quite easily entertained.

I see a lot of business cards. Most are plain and functional. Names, numbers, logo, email. Useful if you know the person but otherwise mind numbingly boring. This was different. I didn’t feel the need to throw it away after it had sat for a few days amongst the mess on my desk. People liked picking it up, playing with it. Everyone made a point of showing it to someone else. It was like those folding triangular fortune telling things that everyone made in school to waste time and avoid doing any actual work, but infinitely more corporate.

So the obvious next step was to make our own. We contacted Ovendens and found out that Xerox makes these ready made sheets in US letter size that we can print on, stick together and then be amazed by our own flippin’ business cards. They’re called Xerox FunFlip. Once samples arrived I started creating a design. PIP PIX lent itself perfectly to the cause. Using the Xerox templates was easy enough, though we had a few teething problems with positioning and accidental upside down printing. We also had a massive headache printing at US Letter size – the Xerox digital would keep reverting back to A4! However, we persevered.

Xerox Paper

These are a brilliant alternative for traditional business cards. If you’re looking for something a little different and your company is quite visual they would be ideal. I even find myself absent mindedly flipping mine while I work, like a print based stress toy.

Now that I’ve done the simple, clean cut version, there’s got to be something a little more visually clever that I could do. Possibly with images that lend themselves well to the concept of ‘opening up’. Let me think on it and I shall get back to you.


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